A random collection of my thoughts on technologies and postings of my work. This is not intended to be a daily reader, but a resource for others in the community to overcome any challenges that I may have already tackled, or to offer my input on the issues impacting our industry. If any of my collections were of help to you in your searches or you have an idea for a new program, etc. please drop me a message on my contact page.


ASA Context Consolidation Program  Last Updated Oct 26th 2018

A web application that enables the consolidation of ASA device contexts through configuration cleanup. The application allows up to 8 BVIs to be prepped for consolidation at a time which coincides with the software limit imposed in older ASA code versions.

Basic SSH Send Commands  Last Updated Feb 19th 2021

A python script that enables you to quickly send a group of commands to a group of devices. This allows for quick troubleshooting of a group of like devices or quick one-off changes.

Opengear Cellular Checks  Last Updated Jan 10th 2019

A python script that cycles through a list of opengear devices, runs a series of checks to determine the status of the cell modem, and takes corrective action if the device fails any of the checks.

Opengear Cell Signal Report  Last Updated Nov 3rd 2018

A python script that cycles through a list of opengear devices and reports back on the cell signal of the devices. Provides brief information on what the numbers indicate.

SSL/TLS Validation Tool  Last Updated July 4th 2020

Queries a list of TLS hosts and validates the certificate, alerting the administrator when the remaining days is beyond the configured threshold.